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Our Back Yard was born from an event which took place in August 2014 it was the first live festival within a small rural community and was obviously a welcomed event. Following on from this Our Back Yard CIC was developed with the aim to support the music industry by providing artists who are interested in music with three areas, Events, Training and Agency/management.

The company is made up of experts in their field and are actively involved in further education and development of young adults within the music industry.

Our purpose is to create a business that will encapsulate sound, Audio, performance and business development.


The company is available to organised events and will supply the necessary elements needed for an outdoor/indoor event,  however, our company ethically engages staff who have be trained and certificated by industry leaders, providing real experience which will enable growth within this industry and help future music professionals gain vital live experiences.


Our Back Yard provides a subscription based “Bucket of Bands” enabling performers to sign up and gain from bookings and professional nurturing of their talent, whilst supporting Our Back Yard events such as: wedding planners and businesses with not just performers but professionals from all areas of the industry creating the best sound for any event. Subscriptions will be locally sourced, and will also include acts who are from the local education centres and have not experienced working in a live arena.

There are also opportunities for volunteers to be involved in the logistics, marketing, accounting and promotion enabling young people to help run the company. The company model is like a bus people can get on and get off at different stages of their education and professionalism.


Our Back Yard works with the local education establishments providing training workshops and models that are industry certified. This ensures professional industry standards are maintained and that the future employees in the industry have achieved a real life high standard of experience in their field.         



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